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Hi friends and keepers,

How long can chameleons go without light?

I need some help. I live near Tampa and there’s a hurricane hurdling my way. I am scared I may lose power and I’ve never experienced this while owning a chameleon. I don’t even have a generator at my house so I’m freaking out on the inside.

My boyfriend told me to go to his parents house a block down the road and wait out the hurricane, but I have SO many animals here and I cannot leave them behind or be without them because it will kill me. I have to remain here and there really is nowhere else for me to take them.

In the event if I do lose power, is it seriously going to impact my chameleons health?
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Hi. I completely understand your position. As crappy as it may be though, if your home isn’t entirely safe then you’ll need to get yourself in a safer place. Secure your home as much as possible and take those animals that you can easily transport, but don’t place yourself in danger.
As for the power going out, your chameleon should be okay for a couple of days without power/lights. Open the window coverings for as much natural light as possible to come in. If worse came to worse and the power goes out for over a week, you can always take your chameleon outside (supervised) for a short time daily. You’ll want to prepare by having enough food/feeders and clean water for all of your animals for at least a week if not longer. It’s almost impossible to find feeders after even just a tropical storm. Stay safe.


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I completely agree! Do you have a lanai or balcony? If so, you might want to let yourcham hang out there. Getting light through glass will only allow heat not ubv or uva. Need direct sun for that. Fill up your tub with fresh water and trash cans too. Youcan use the water in the trash cans to flush the toilets. Any other thing you have to hold fresh water use it. Move all cages away from windows. wind and Flying glass can be an issue. Humidity should be running high so that shouldnt be an issue. I agree that feeders may be an issue after Ian leaves town. I agee that you should find safety for yourself first! If Ian picks up to Cat 4 once it hits that warm water you need to be prepared for evacuation. If its mandatory you might not have a choice. You need to rig up sonething for the car just in case. My prayers will include you during this trying time. Btw the barametric pressure is dropping so all the animals may start to react. if i had a hurricane coming at me, i would put my cham in a closet. the noise alone will scare them but there is nowhere to hide in a cage. Thats just me though!


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They dont need light...

With a D3 once a week, they can last for months "in Florida" without UVB or basking lights. Cooler climates yea, they are going to need a basking light if you cant get the little guys to 70f air temp once a day.


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How much outdoor sun time is good for a day when the lights are not running due to a power outage? Just had a phenomenal 30 min outdoors with Yoda. He seemed to really enjoy soaking up the rays. Thankfully it's not too hot out.
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