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Hello everyone. I just got my baby vieled (female).Her name is Echo. she's been doing well. eating,drinking,pooping like a champ. I am worried about her humidity it's only 30-40 sometimes 50-60. echo lives in the eso 18x12x30 totally screened cage. I find putting a towel on the back of her cage helps with temp and hum. to keep my temp at 80-90 I need 2 basking light bulbs 75watts. I spray her cage regulery at drinking times 7am 10am 3-4pm 7pm 9-10pm. but her hum. stays at 30-40. I live outside phila. and it is still cold from winter. will her hum. rise in spring and the summer. is 2 basking bulb alright. she is usaully pale green and is active she seems to eat and drink fine. Should I worry? I am a new member and get great info off this sight which I appriectate. sorry about my spelling.thankyou BROLUVBONE
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