Im about to start on a new cage setup. What are some good ways to create humidity? I know a live plant will help, but I would rather not use a live plant. I have used them before and the bugs they attract can become a problem. I am thinking of getting a panther or jacksons chameleon.

I live in Texas. Average local humidity levels:
Winter: 74%
Summer: 78%
Spring: 77%
Fall: 79%
Jacksons need like 70-89% humidity. looks like you are already there. some manual misting might be all you need.

Panthers need a higher humidity. something like 85-90%.

Would be best to see what the breeder recomends. If you dont want to do a live plant, maybe some kind of misting system?
I was just looking at some hunidity equipment at big apple herp. More options than I realized. Anyone ever use or hear of someone else using the ultra sonic fog machines? That would be pretty cool. Not sure the chameleon would like it though?
I have heard that the fogging machines do not work that well. Chameleons like to drink water droplets and a lot of those have so fine of mist that the big water droplets don't form. If you do that and some kind of a dripper I think it would work. Drippers cost less than $10.
Hey! I built my own cage too ... sadly, WAY too large for my lil girl. She almost passed away on me, but that's a LONG story. She was half starved when I saw her in a pet store and brought her home. I built a 2x4x7 ft cage and it was just too much. In the cage however, I did place a humidifier (warm misting one that I got at the local Walmart for 20 bucks) and a fog machine that I got at Coachhouse (like a candle store, etc) for 25 bucks. The fog machine is all I have in her small cage now and it does great. However, I just ordered her a 38 gallon reptarium to give her a lil more room and not be in a glass aquarium. The humidity stayed where it should in both cages, and I hope it does in the new one coming too.

If the humidity is already that high where you are at, as stated, misting may be all you need. BUT, remember to mist as often as possible an keep a close eye on your lil one to make sure you SEE it eat and poo (normally ... white tip with dark coloration there after). VERY important, if you can see these signs early, you can aviod huge problems down the line.

It also depends on the species ... again, as stated. Make sure to check into what ever type you decide and check all over here for other forums and as much info. as possible. You can ever get too much! ;)

Good luck!
Well, Like myself, I have 5 chameleon setups and need higher humidity levels as well. I invested in " Rainmaker JR " and feel in love. I wont lie, its very expensive, and know it will make alot of you run away from it but. It will work with 1 cage setup and upto 12-15. It also comes with the reserve bucket and water pump. It also comes with digital timer to set misting times. I have bought all the gimic items listed and mentioned above " ultra sonic " ect ect...
This is great way to provide any level of humidity needed for any breed and ready to expand for many setups when needed.
Mist systems

hope this helps
Wow 5 setups im jealous :D I guess the rainmaker will take care of humidity and watering. How do you deal with all the extra water?
Well, I wondered all the same but, I found going to container store and get 1-2 inch ( lid ) to fit bottom af tank perfectly and drill hole in bottom with plastic hosing and make drain tube into 5 gallon bucket change every other day. This works fine for me. I have also seen drain sytems, they are flawless but, alotta planning and lots of parts. I would say try my way and see if it works for you.
Great ideas. Thanks for the link and info chamfreak:) I would like to get a misting system like that. Is it easy to setup? How do your chameleons react to the auto misting? Can your chameleons climb on it and get hurt?
Thx brad :)
Actually, they love it. I have it placed on the side of my set ups and have just mist nozzle sticking out. They dont even know its there :)
As long as the water is luke warm they strive to get misted. As well as many of you know that cham's don't like cold water as well as hot water. They have few differant angles of mist nozzles, I use all " wide angle " and it covers my setup with no problems. Like I said, This way you can leave them un attended with no worries that you humidity levels are correct. its also very quite and was extremely easy setting up, and also remember its awesome cause if you ever expand your passion then, its ready as you are, buy new nozzles and tube :0
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