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i think im having humidity issues. most of the time in my baby veileds enclosure, the hygrometer reads 99%. at night when the dripper isnt dripping and the lights are out, it drops down to about 70%. my question is should i be worried about it being so high? it has been raining non stop here for like a week, so maybe that has something to do with it.
What kind of meter is it? If it is digital, I wouldn't be TOO worried... although if the sensor is wet, it won't work correctly. If it is the analog guages from Exo Terra who whoever... I wouldn't pay ANY attention to it and would go out to buy a digital meter. the analog meters do not work at all.

I don't think your are having 'too high' of humidity... but that is a guess.

I mist a LOT and it has been raining..... I can maintain 60-70%.... but when it is dry out, the room, even with over an hour of misting during the day... still can drop to 30%.

Lowe's sells a nice indoor/outdoor digital temp/humidity guage that has min/max values for all readings.... it's like $14, and worth it.

This is what the face of it looks like:


What is the ideal humidity for a baby veiled or panther cham? Ive been misting 5-6 times today and cant keep it in the 50-65 range. It bumps up after mistings to 60 ish them falls to 30 inbetween mistings.

i have the exo terra digital temp/hygrometer. i think it might be getting wet when the dripper is on. i had it sitting under the ficus tree. i moved it so i will see what it reads.
i think it was the sensor getting wet. i moved it and now its pretty constant at about 60-65%


Also keep in mind air flow can make the sensor read incorrectly as well. If you have air moving over the sensor from a fan, the meter will read a lot less humidity than there really is. I keep about three or four meters in my cham room in different areas to get an average idea of what the humidity is like in the room.
theres no air flow in the room except for a little heater on the other side of the room. its staying pretty constant now. usually around 64% and jumps to about 70% after misting or when the drippers on.
you need a new one

Any hygrometer that reads 99% inside the house is suspect. Even when its raining the humidity is not often 99; occasionaly with blowing fog outside you can get that kind of reading. Do you have a fogger or ultrasonic mist system going?

My guess is you need a better (more accurate) unit for humidity.
at first i thought it might be the hygrometer messing up, but then i realized it would be dripping with water after i misted, so i moved it. now that it stays dry it reads no higher than 70%. im not using any foggers or ultrasonic. just a dripper and hand misting until i can get an aquazamp system.
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