Humidity level.


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At what percent humidity should I keep my veiled chameleon at as im getting varying advice when i search online?

It's not an exact figure you get for veils because the recommended humidity is actually not what they get in the wild. They come from drier areas. We as keepers provide them a more humid environment as it gets them to be more colorful then they would in the wild. So to answer your question, the range is like 50-80%. My veil gets the high end of 80%. I don't think you can be "too humid".
Nice one, I was just concerned that high levels of humidity might cause him respiratory problems or fungal/bacterial build up inside the viv but i suppose as long as i keep letting his viv dry up overnight then there shouldnt be a problem right.

At present he has an electric mister, a fogger and I hand spray him frequently to make sure he doesnt dehydrate, He lives in a part solid part screen large vivarium (as recomended for in the UK) the humidity level is about 50/60%
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