Humidity in the free range


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If everything you hear and read about cham care calls for moderate to high humidity, why is my veiled thriving in a range of 30%, this is what it usually is in the house most of the time, he does free range the entire house and it is hard to keep it much higher than that with the a/c running all day, and come winter it will be harder than it is now to get it much higher.....I think it would kill him if he had to be contained in his enclosure for an entire day, not to mention all winter.


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Probably because you mist frequently enough that he never gets dehydrated. Automated system perhaps?
I have a jacksoni that is thriving in similar conditions. Accept when there has been more than 2 days of less than 30% humidity I hot box my room with a warm steam humi and a fan till it reaches 88 -90ºF then I cool it back down. Two itty bitty chameleons have massive free range subsections. Climbing on the ceiling and walls has become their signal to open the doors and let them crawl on my furniture and plants...
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