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I have a 4 foot tall screen cage from zoo med and it is impossible to keep the humidity up in this thing. I have put a reptifogger on a timer for most of the day and I am misting about 10-12 times a day. I do not really want to put plastic wrap or plexiglass around the walls because my Jackson loves to climb all over the walls of the cage.:D
I know what you mean. Fully screen cages suck for holding in humidity! I personally prefer 1/2 glass 1/2 screen enclosures - retains needed humidity at the same time as excellent airflow. Live plants help a ton with keeping the humidity levels up. A 3' potted ficus or schefflera plant are good options. Also, Pothos (Devil's Ivy) hanging from the top in a basket is a great option as well. I have both a ficus and a schefflera (that I bought at my local Fred Meyer) in my enclosure and my panther cham LOVES 'em!

Hope this helps. Good luck!

you could put the plastic or plexiglass on the outside so he can still climb on the screen

go to home depot..(yes screen cages suck for humidity, but i free range...i keep humidity..its your equiptment, and setup)..and get some painters plastic, they have clear and frosted(the thicker and better version is frosted..i think 2 or 3 mil)..but tightly wrap the three sides of the cage, back, and two sides..using packing tape (3 m holds the best, duct tape will work best but is ugly unless cut to perfect preportions)..but after mistings it will hold much more humidity and still offer a visual barrier that glass does not (witch in most lizard species causes nose rubbing)....
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