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Hello everyone, quick question: let's say a cage size is 2' x 2' x 4' or something, it doesn't matter really. Does anyone have hygrometers at multiple levels of their cage and get different reading or does humidity tend to be the same throughout the cage, from top to bottom?
I leave mine in the middle wrapped around chams tree out of direct water and mist about 1.5 feet from the bottom (in a 2x2x4ft enclosure). I also keep another digital therm/hygro in the same room but outside cage. So far no issues and cham is happy. Hope this helps.
I dont put hygrometers inside my cages anymore.
It fluctuates like crazy, and doesnt really tell me anything useful.

I keep 2 digital hygrometers to monitor the cham room and dinning room.

In the winter, RH is very low, and I need to have a humidifier going.

But all my cham cages have drippers, rain maker, and misting, and the back and one side of each cage is covered with thick plastic sheet, which is really there to keep them from seeing each other, but helps with RH too.

Anyway, there is really no need to keep hygrometers inside the cages, so much water gets dumped threw them every day, it cant be anything but humid in there :confused:
One outside, one on top of cage, and one in every room there is cages in. Then, there is a duplicate for each of those. I also check the weather channel for local monthly temp, rainfall, and rh averages of past years and expectations. Never have too much info. But some may say, i am little ocd about it. Chams need pro-active, not re-active intervention.
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