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i have hooked up a humidifier to a jacksons cage and i was wondering if i should run it 24 hours or should i run it while his light is on?
you dont want the cage to be wet all the time.4 times a day for 30 min a pop would do just fine. with misting in between the humidifier run during the day would do great. if the cage stays wet all the time you run the risk on respiratory dry is it where your at?? is it like a dessert climate??if it is like a dessert climate u myte run it a little bit more but all day long isss wayyyyyy to much. i have a deremensis and i run my humidifier 4 x a day 30 min each time and my house run ac all day long and with my mister the humidity stay over 75 % all day long.hope this info helps you out
that did help, thanks-- my humidity doesnt go up above 60% with the humidifier on all day.... im sure that directly where the hose runs that there is a lot of humidity-- i will def cut it down though thanks for the advice
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