HUGE SUPERWORM for two little baby ???


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I have 3 months old (I think he is nosy be)male panther and 2 months old female panther. They ate very big superworm. Is this normal ????

Thats a good size for a silkie. Thats a bad size for a super. You dont want to feed them worms longer than their head.
That is a pretty big super. I'd get smaller superworms, or feed crix till they are a bit larger and can take the larger supers.
I agree, those worms are way too big for him.

Superworms also have a very strong bite which could injure the inside of
your chams mouth since they usually snag their prey head first.
On a personal level, I would be worried about him choking. But I have made some observations in my backyard regarding the little wild anoles. I have dropped BIG crickets out of the cup while feeding my chameleons and the little anoles come running and grab them. I am quite surprised as they are way bigger than their heads. I usually just see them run off with them, so I am not sure if everytime they are actually eaten or maybe spit out if they find they are too big. I have seen some of them eaten though.
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