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Hello everyone my name is Stephen, I am new tho this site and I just wanted to stop in and say hello before I start posting all over you're beautiful forum. I have yet to actuall buy a chameleon yet, thats actually why I am here to learn everything I can about them before I actually jump right into caring for one.

Right now I own 3 whites tree frogs, pudgy, peggy, and tuna.

I am so glad to have found this site and you guys and gals will be seeing a lot more of me around here... Thanks you guys:)

Holy crap this is in the wrong fourm, mods please move this to the correct area for me... I havent been here five minutes and I'm already messing things up... :( sorry you guys...
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Just a little word of advice. Do all the research you can before you purchase, make sure you can afford both the time and money that goes into these things. It takes a Lot of Time, money, and dedication to keep these guys healthy and pro life. Ask all the questions you can also. There are quite a few people on here more than qualified to answer any of your question, and give you advice on what works for them. Good luck.

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