Howdy, from the UK.


Hi to all. Just a one small paragraph intro. I'm from near Birmingham, UK. Have absolutely zero experience keeping chameleons but lots off experience in marine coral fish systems (for what it's worth). I know you lot will sort me out though, its been an almost non stop googling expedition for the last few weeks. Have held a secret passion to have a chameleon and a few weeks ago the wife said she wanted to house a reptile, a chameleon. I bit her hand off. Looking forward to the journey :)
We have several members on here from the UK. Welcome to the forums and future chameleon ownership! It will change your life!!! lol
Thanks both. I can see how this chameleon husbandry is a lot more complicated than most folks (including me) think. Have seen some panthers near to me, that's what we are gonna start with. Bought an arboreal vivarium, 3 ft by 3 ft by 2ft deep. Got a 100 watt basking lamp, controlled by a dimming thermostat (ex marine use), a 15 watt UVB tube (although I've been told to get more) so I've got another 26 watt UVB on the way. Got thoughts on a dripping water/sump system, but that's pie in the sky at the mo. I'll probably asking loads of questions!
First beginners question. I grow lots of algae in my marine fish filter (scrubber) unit. If I was to wash this in tapwater and dry it out, would it be OK to use it as a major constituent in the cricket feed?
Hi Garf. Welcome to the forum.
I have given you a link to some excellent care sheets. They are very new. And we're written by a vet on will defiantly need some sort of mister as your little one will need misting 3-4 times a day as they will only recognise dripping water, ( usually off leaves ). Before you buy anything else, check it out here first so you don't go buying things you don't need. Look forward to seeing pics. :)
Thanks Kate. I've already fell foul of buying the wrong stuff, ie the enclosure. However, since reading some of the threads on here I've tried modifying it, so that it's suitable. First, I cut a great big ventilation hole in the top, then today I have sealed the wooden internals with glazing Perspex (siliconed in). The base is now also Perspex so I can do a drainage thingy (I'm pretty sure we will be misting and dripping).


There looks to be plenty ventilation at the top, is there any at the sides. I see you have a wooden viv, so have I. It works well for me. Keep checking your temps and humidity before your new addition comes. Keep posting.:)
The silver runners for the glass have got circulation vents all the way across (both top and bottom) and there's a small vent at the bottom on the back. I was hoping that would be enough. We're gonna try and finish it all tomorrow (except drippers) and run it for a while to get a handle on temp and humidity control. The wife will even spray it (I may put one of the kids dinosaur toys in, and she can pretend). :)
That should be fun. Will you put live plants in there? They do help to keep humidity up.
All plastic planned for now. Because of evaporation from our fish tank, house humidity is usually around 50 to 70% anyway. I would like real plants eventually though.
Quick question about heat. My dimming thermostat which is running the basking light obviously has a probe to control the function. Should this probe be exposed to the light (ie maximum radiated heat) or hidden away under a branch, to give approximate air temperature, or doesn't it matter? Thanks in advance :)
I would put it where your boy will sit basking. The rest of the viv should take care of itself. An infrared gun can be used to get accurate temps all over the viv.
Thanks again Kate. I've currently got it curled up in the foliage, about 6 inches from the top, so I'll move it to where I hope he will bask. Here's our first attempt at making his home, all criticism welcome as we want to get this right :)

Understood. We're gonna turn the branch around (the one that looks like its grown upside down), and attach another couple of large placky plants near the top, hanging down at the front, so it creates a hiding place.
Did some testing on temp and humidity, and all seems to be within tolerance, and drying out by night (humidity 55 to 80). Decided to start off with a baby veiled, so here's George;



Couldn't resist throwing a few crickets in to make sure he's eating ok. He is one greedy lad :)
Ahh he is a cutie. How old? Welcome George.:)

Guessing 2 to 3 months, but as we didn't ask, we will never know for sure. Another notable point today, he drinks lots of water from the Perspex, where it forms beads on the back panel. I was expecting him only to drink from the leaves, obviously not the case :)
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