How to set up my drip?


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Hi everyone,

I got a male veiled around 10-11 weeks old. i have had it for a week and a half. It eats very well, probably 10 small-medium crickets a day and some vegetation(hibiscus and some ground cover). I have been misting it, but bought a dripper this weekend. I am wondering how I should set it up. Like what should it drip on. My enclosure at the moment is a tall 45g aquarium. I am planning on getting a large screen enclosure soon. On one side of the enclosure I have dead branches that I have collected, and on the other I have hibiscus plants. The cham really spends almost all of the time on the branches and only ventures to the plants if it is going after food. Also, the hibiscus are large leaved so I thought it might be harder for the cham to get to the water. Currently, I have the dripper falling on one of the dead branches but I have yet to see the Cham drink from the drippings, just sprayings. Where do people put there dripper, also pictures of enclosures would be cool,


I actually don't have my dripper "drip" on anything.
The hose is fastened to a vine and drips down (4 feet) into a collection bucket.
There are vines and branches near it...close enough that he can reach the water comfortably.
I don't run it at night. In the morning when I turn on the lights and start
the dripper he goes straight over and starts drinking from it.
He almost puts his mouth around the end of the hose!
He didn't do this right away. I think sometimes we are not patient enough
to allow the discovery to happen. If there is fresh water dripping into the enclosure they will find it.

Ok, you made me feel a little better with that. I was worried from what I have read about them finding water. I was thinking they would only lick moister of leaves. Like dew. I am really new to reptiles. I have kept and bred exotic fish(discus) bit this is a whole new thing for me. All the help is appreciated.:)
can someone show me a misting system. Im not sure I understand how they work. How big are they,how much work are they Are they expensive. I just spray Oliver three times a day and he drinks off sticks and leaves. I tried a dripper and it just made a puddle on the top screen..but I dont think he drinks enough. So Brad your saying that Kity is trained to go to the drip.. like a water bottle? .what system do you use?
Well, I don't know if he's actually trained...but he's figured it out.
I use the Zoomed Little Dripper.
You have to make a small hole in the screen and actually thread the hose
into the enclosure (to avoid "puddle" on top) you can then position the hose to create a drinking station.

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