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Does anyone know the best safe method of removing the white staines, caused by misting, from the glass on my terrarium? I know that I've read about this somewhere before but I can't remember where. I have both glass and acrylic aquariums. Thanks.
Hey Jeremy,

I scrape the sides with a razor blade on the glass ones, and ignore the stains on the acrylic ones. I always remove the chams first, though. Great idea, Jennifer. I suppose if it is safe for chameleons to eat fruit flies that eat medium drenched in vinegar, it is probably safe to use vinegar on the glass.

We just used a cotton ball with vinegar on it, waited until the smell dissappeared, and then wiped it down with a wet washcloth. We then switched to using distilled water, which didn't leave the deposit stains. I did a search on google for "white vinegar clean aquarium" and found a lot of sites that say you can use it safely.

"I use white vinegar to clean the mineral deposits that accumulate at the top of my fish aquarium. I take a hand towel and soak it in the vinegar. I simply wipe around the inside of the tank where the water has evaporated and left the white mineral deposits. I don't even have to scrub. I also use it to clean my aquarium ornaments. It is harmless to my fish so I don't worry if some of the vinegar happens to get into the water. "
Mr. Clean Magic erasers.

Try them. In fact, you can get them for free if you look online.

they are PERFECT for removing hard water stains from glass. They are awesome things, but they are highly abrasive, so be careful. They remove paint if you're not careful!
Thanks everyone, I've been afraid to use anything and they are looking pretty bad these days. I might switch to distilled water for my terrariums after I clean them.
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