How to keep crickets in one place??? :(


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I have a feeder area set up for my chameleon, idk if anyone has herd of this method but it is made out of a milk container and it has some screening inside so that the crickets will climb on that and wont be able to climb the plastic.
But for some reason my chameleon doesn't notice it, I never see him use it. I always end up having to get all the crickets out and let them jump around the cage so that he can eat.
The breeder I got him from would always just throw in some crickets in his cage. I don't like doing that though because its so hard to get them out of the cage before I got to sleep or else they will nibble on him at night.

Is there something else I can do to keep the crickets in one area ?
Please let me know what has worked for you :)


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I would continue with the milk bottle. He will use it eventually. You are right to be wary of leaving crickets in viv at night. When you move up to large crickets, they can give a nasty bite which may become infected.:)
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