How to judge she have finished laying?

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Hello, this is a letter from Beijing. My female Veiled Chameleon have digged in the bin for 4 days. and I have found 2-3eggs in the morning , but now this night in Beijing, when I come home I found she leave the bin and stay on the branch, I find she covered a few parts of the hole.
I am not sure whether she finished,and I am afraid to distrub her.
if you know how to judge , please tell me. Thanks a lot~谢谢~
If she laid the eggs she should be quite a bit thinner.

She should not be dropping eggs anywhere but in the hole...and they should all be laid at the same time. Then she should fill the hole in and pack it down and return to the branches. She should also be hungry and drink after....and be back to her normal behavior.
Thank you very much. I found she begin to dig at Feb 21st, how long she will take to lay the eggs , a week? I find when she sleep on the branch, her body is a little shrivelled, not fulled like before and I can see the ribs(she was very fat, her body was full like a balloons), when I open the UVB, she awake, she return in to the bin again this morning, and I believe she is strong enough, I want to know if she finished i can put the food in her cage, but now I can't distrub her.
You said she should all be laid the eggs at the same time, but I reallly find the 2-3eggs in the bin, are they she have not covered yet? Or she is unfamiliar, I don't know what to do…,囧囧囧囧囧囧囧囧囧囧囧囧囧……Thank a lot~
When she is in the branches you can feed her but don't leave any uneaten crickets in her cage. You can water her then too.

A veiled female may dig several test holes, but should pick one of them and dig it deep enough that she is satisfied with it. It could take several days. She should then turn around in it with her butt down and lay the eggs. This will usually happen in the evening. It may take a few hours to lay the eggs. She should then fill the hole in and return to the branches.

If you think she might have laid the eggs, you can remove the bin while she is in the branches and look for the eggs but put the bin back after you look and if there was a hole still in the bin make sure that you dig it for her again.
I wait untill my lights go out and the females are sleeping (eyes closed) .Then I carefully remove the egg bin.
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