how to feed mealworms and roaches


Greetings all, Just wondering how to supply mealworms and dubia to my veiled. Are they served in a feed dish? If so is a dish secured in the top of the canopy? My chammy is 7 inches. I think 5 months. What size of dubias would be right for him to eat without problems. He's a great little guy. Eats crickets well but I wanted to vary his diet for good health. Thanks


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Another idea other than the sunny d death trap is the ceramic bowl with a tripod of small sticks in the middle. It seems the bugs climb all over the stix vs huddling in a group and not moving.


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You can also take a plastic yogurt container and poke holes in it to secure it to the side of the cage with wire. I use a deep one that my cham can hang at the top of and launch her tongue and get the bugs in the bottom. (makes it deep enough usually that the bugs cant crawl out of)
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