How to catch a chameleon so he doesn't die in the house?


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Hello, We need help saving little chameleon lives. We live in Florida in an old house, and just about every week we find a chameleon or two in the house. Once in awhile I can slide a clean, empty rectangular wastebasket or box up to the critter and get him or her to step or jumb inside, then I release the animal outdoors where there is some water to be had. However, most of the time they jump widely and scuttle under furniture, or behind something, and the next time we see them they are dehydrating or dead from lack of not only water, but food and sun. Does anyone know of an effective live chameleon trap, or how to make a home-made trap that would lure them, and where to place it? We hate to have these little creatures die, especially such a long and miserable death. Thank you so much!

I'm almost certian you are reffering to an anole or "american chameleon", not a true chameleon.


Sadly, these things are much faster than old world chameleons so catching them is a real chore.
Yes, they are American chameleons. At the very least, I would like to know how to place water so they could get to it. I don't think my little water-filled jar lids on the floor are helping much.
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