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i got a repti breeze xl and i put and weeping fig in. but im trying to hang plants and vine but cant find a way to do it. i dont really wanna cut the mesh or put wood or plexi up.

any help would be great


the chunk
I seem to remember people using wire through the screen to attach stuff like vines and branches. Also drawing pins have been used too.
thumb tacks can be used to hold vines and place (use this with caution, make sure no exposed pin points are inside the cage). for hanging a basket, ive cut a very small piece of ply-wood. i then put the ply wood ontop of the cage where i wanted the basked to go, and then i placed a small hook from inside the cage screwing on the piece of ply wood outside. works great and not noticable
yehh it would have to be very fine wire. not very big holes is it. i might try the saftey pin idea

Yeah I use small wire to attach everything to the mesh in my cages and anchor the twisty vines but I know people have had success with pushpins from the outside to put dowels up. Get creative!
instead of wire, use fishing line. Me being a fisherman i have A LOT at my house and it works VERY well. Its strong and very very thin
I use cable ties on mine - got the thinnest I could and they fit through the holes in my reptibreeze XL without damaging the mesh
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