how should I assort feeders?


Hellooo everyone!
My cham has been doing great!
He is 1.3 years old now, and looking great :D
Ive been working on more and more insect colonies over the past couple of months and I would like to know the perfect way to assort them over the week.
This is what I have:

- Crickets
- Dubias (Still a growing colony.. So I only feed extra males)
- Pillbugs
- Mealworms
- Superworms
- Waxworms
- grasshoppers and locusts (Once at week, when I go hunting for them)

I know the rules of feeding... and I know how fatty mealworms, superworms and waxworms are... I only use them on ocassions. But still, I would love to stick to a perfect feeding schedule...
So.... how would you guys assort them?

thanks SOO much once more!


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I would do 1/3 crickets dubias and pillbugs! The rest should be treats since they are high in fat like you said, not to mention chitin.

Grasshoppers and locusts.. Just make sure there are no pesticides.

3 Staple feeders is great to start with and since you have tons of variety you should have no problem!
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