how old is this guy?


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My veiled finally came in today, but it is a bit smaller than I expected.
Does anyone have any idea how old he might be. Its not the best
pic but you should be able to get the idea.

Since he is younger than I expected is there advice
you can give me?
Congrats on your new addition. In relation to the quarter he looks to be 3 weekish-to me. What age were you expecting?
I was hoping for something at least double the size, maybe big enough to eat adult crickets, but o'well. I'll make do.
They grow amazingly fast. But at this age they take a little bit more care than an older one. He will need some small crickets and the cage that you have seems a little big for him to find his food. Did you order a certain age?
I have been hand feeding him so far toda. (2 small roaches and I think 4 small crickets) So the biggest challenge as far as food goes is me finding him. Other than that, my biggest concern is him trying to climb the concrete on the back wall and falling off.
As far as ordering an age, I guess I made the mistake of assuming that it would be older from what I read on most breeders websites.
He looks 4 or 5 weeks old to me. Check out my first pics of Kitty in my gallery, I got him when he was 5 weeks old.
Adult crickets won't happen for a loooooong time, Kitty is still only eating 1/2 to 3/4".
You better get online and order 500 to 1000 little ones asap!
Don't worry, he'll be fine. I had kitty in a small Kritter Keeper type enclosure for the first several weeks w/ no basking light only uvb. I stretched screen over the top instead of the top it came with and put some small branches in there.

your gonna need small crickets and your gonna need alot.alot of petstores don't sell the real small ones so you might want to think about buying some online n gutload them. shes gonna eat 10-15 every day.
make sure they cannot get out of the cage or put her crickets in a bowl.
if you find a petstore that has the small crickets buy like 150 of them.
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