How old is my Chameleon?


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So I purchase this Jackson Chameleon at Petco when they had the sale going on. The employee told me it was still young and that they'd had it for about a month. I'm just looking for a guess, if anyone could help me out that would be great!


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Ohh I know, I was aware of Petco's sale awhile back and knew I wanted a chameleon so I used that time to dig up information on these guys and set a good cage up for him. Ive had him for a couple days now and everything is going well, hes already comfortable with me that he'll let me hand feed him. Ive got him in a 100 gallon screen cage with a pothos plant, tons of fake plants and tons of branches for him. Ive got a very good mister, the only thing im having troubles with is keep the temperature down. I raise hedgehogs too, so hes in that room with them. The temperature is usually around 75 but on occasion ill find it at 80.

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Looks about 7-8 months to me. PS they are a hi humidity low temperature cham so keep that in mind.
A little off topic. I keep seeing care sheets (like the one in this post) state that Jacksons can be fed fruits and veggies. As a matter of fact, this is one of the few sites that doesn't state that. I'm wondering if the writers of these articles have actually kept Jacksons or are simple regurgitating the care sheet of another species and just tweeking the supplementation and temperature sections…?
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