How old is he...and is he a he ?


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I know that "Dipped in Butter", our new veiled chameleon is a baby. But how much of a baby is he ? His body is about 2" long (not including his tail).

And I have read about the "spurs" on the back legs of male veileds, but could some one post what it looks like on a baby, cuz I am not sure what I'm looking for. :rolleyes:

Thank you !
You are looking for this:

Please only note the pictures, I didn't want to hot link them. Some of the info on that page is a little controversial.

Although every chameleon grows at different rates, yours is possibly 1-2 months old.
I hope your "dipped in butter" lives a long, heart disease free life. :p
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Thank you. Only thing is that Dipped is so little that it is really hard to get a good look at his feet. I think I will take him out of his condo in the morning light and try to have a good look see. Should piss him off.

We named him Dipped in Butter, because we figured that is how our dogs would like him served.
Little tiny spot.

I looked at the little Dipper's feet this morning, and I can see on his back feet that each one has what looks like a tiny raised dot. If I didn't know better, I might think it was a pimple, as the raised area has a brown dot at the center of each one. (ie: one on each foot).

So, I'm guessing that means he is a he, and his sole green coloration, due to his immaturity. Time will tell.

Good news, is that I miner-all'ed crickets this morning, and he ate 5 in quick order. He was looking around his condo later on, so I did up a few more, and he was on the hunt again !!! What a good little boy. Am going to see what other feeders I can find at local pet shop in the next few days.
I took a few pictures of my four month old male veiled's spurs for you. They are slightly blurry but he apparently hates the camera.. I only got bit once though ;)


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