How often is he supposed to eat?


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Hi y'all!

Here's my first question!

I'm a first time owner of a male veiled cham (Lenny!) since July. He is now about 6 months old. I came to expect that his appetite would slow down but I don't know the much (too much or too little) does he have too eat before I should worry. He only ate one butterworm and a little peace of lettuce in 5 days now and is ignoring the other worms (silkworms and butterworms). He seems to be just as active as before, but more curious of what's outside his cage.

How much do your chams eat?
My Male Yemen seems to eat 4 or 5 locusts every other day or so, and i think he's slightly older than yours (if yours was bought from a baby). I wave them in front of him to see if he's hungry, if he shows interest, i chuck a load in and you can usually find a few dotted around the cage sometimes too.

Mine doesn't go for food from my hand...which pretty much means he doesn't trust me :(

But I also get the impression that he just doesn't like worms that much. He seems to go much more for the crickets. Is that normal? I like to rotate between worms (silk & butter) and crickets to give him some variety. The local petshops only seem to have those 3.
They can be picky about what type of food they want. Sometimes they are attracted to food that has more movement and thats why they may prefer crickets.
Yeah that makes do I still stick with my cricket/worm rotation and Lenny the cham should just tough it up?
i have a similar question .

My veilded cham is ... well . i bought him from the petstore at the beginning of oct. soo... i would say about 4 months? would that be a good guess?

anyways... he doesn't stop eating . probably eats a good 20 a day if i put that much in the cage . is that normal . i dont want no fat ugly chameleon for a pet!
Well mine actually did that for a while...he went through 50 crickets in 2 days...I thought for sure I was going to be broke. But he eventually slowed down after a while....and now he pratically doesnt eat at all.
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