how often do females lay eggs?


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I just got my baby and i was wonder how often they lay eggs i know they can reach maturity at 5 months, but i was wondering how often do the lay them, and how many clutches in their life time? I heard they need a tub for laying 12x12 inch at this a good measurement?
It depends on the species and to some degree on the husbandry. If you have an egglaying chameleon I would suggest putting an opaque container at least 12" deep x 12" x8" 3/4 full of moistened washed playsand so she has a place to dig if/when she needs to lay eggs.
if it is a vieled like in your picture, i was told they can lay approx 3 months....but that is not a definate.
They can lay from 4 months onwards, depending on food and husbandry. Usually it is from 6 months onwards. However, my first female didn't lay her first clutch until she was 14 months old, and Amy laid her first clutch last month at teh age of 21 months. Like us, they are all different! My first female laid two clutches almost 4 months to the day apart, but both were infertile clutches.
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