How often do adult chams shed?

My 3 year old boy only ever seems to shed the bottom of his feet. I’ve never owned a baby Cham so I’m curious to know if adults shed often or if they even shed their body much at all? He’s never shed in my care (6 months I think) other than the bottom of his feet. His humidity stays around 60-72%, though it has dropped to 52% on times that I forget to fill the fogger at night. At the moment I’m struggling with his basking lights. His temp is uneven and I’m trying to find the perfect bulb and wattage. Such a pain sometimes!

But anyway, if anyone has any advice on shed, please let me know!


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They will shed when they need to. My adult male veiled usually will do a full body shed every few months. Other than that it seems like he will shed a single area randomly. There is no definitive shedding schedule with these guys. As long you are are getting the cham all the proper nutrients and supplements he needs then you wont have anything to worry about.
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