how much time?

c mine all day work from home so i can spend all day as well looking after the rest of reptiles to when i ment to b working lol
I have to go to school on campus one day a week. Other than that I'm home all day every day with my chams, besides when I go shopping.
im away from home from 7:30 to at least 6 everyday. i like my job, but i like my chameleon more :(
I usually see mine in the morning before school and then when I get home after school. But on weekends, I always see them :)
I spend a good bit of time with mine. I do volunteer works a couple days a week and am active in a couple clubs but other than that I am here with my cham kids.
i work form 930 to 5 everyday and spend alot of it missing my chams and dog but i just tell them that if they want to be the spoiled pets they r then someones gotta got ern the cash LOL i like to think they understand..
but i still get to spend a hour or so with them in the morn and 3 or so hours at night, trust me tho i am trying to think of a way to make chams my job,, we will just have to wait and see hehe
How do u guys feed it while u guys are gone? I bet most of u guys have mist king since u guys dont got time to spray them.
How do u guys feed it while u guys are gone? I bet most of u guys have mist king since u guys dont got time to spray them.

Im with mine 24\7 unless i get a call and have to leave for work (most people bring it to me instead) for feeding while im away, i use cup feeding, and as for misting and water..... mistking
i spend every day all day with mine,im enjoying them immensely right now cause soon i will be back at work,im on dissability at the moment but when its done i will be gone fr 5 am to 8 pm 4 days on 4 off with rotating night shifts(4/4) my days off will be spent looking in at them lol..i will feed them at 5 am and the monsoon will do the rest,my son will be home after school to mist them and do the same before he goes to secretly looking for a diff job that pays as well as the mining industry so i can be home with them more..i think i have a good lead on a great job! :D
im away from home from 730 to ~6 every day, except the weekends. my schedule goes something like: hand mist heavily in the morning (~7), free range about a dozen crickets, most of which he eats before im even out of the door, leave a humidifier on which goes for about 4 hours before running out of water (~11), feed him a superworm when i get home (~6), hand mist heavily (~6), refill the humidifier (leave it on til ~9), then its off to bed. i have faith that he'll hold it down while im gone :cool:
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