how much should a 7 month old male veiled eat


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hi just passing message on behalf of my lil cousin for his veiled chameleons how much should he be eating as he has only been eat 2-3 locus or med to large crickets a day and seems to hide quite abit in his plants i have some pics aswell
will get enclosures temps etc also how much can he close off to raise humidity and temp can he cover the back and 2 sides off his full screen enclosure as he in a cooler part of the world

thanks for your help

he is also about this darness alot of the time


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Periods are your friend...

Anyway he should get as much as he likes as long as his veil doesnt start plumping out. Thats where he stores all his fat.

For raising humidity you can cover the 3 sides, but i would not cover the top.
he only eats a couple a day should i be worried he doesnt eat that much like he use to or is it cause he is sexually mature now wont eat as much?
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