How much poop is too much?


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Howdy folks!

So my cham (Little Guy) is just reaching adulthood (he'll be 1 in October) and I've noticed that when he poops, it's quite a lot. I'd say he poops every 2-3 days, and when he does, it's a nice big urate, which is mostly white, and like 3-4 turds after. Sometimes they're pretty sizable too. I've attached a picture of today's poop, and of him.

I've been feeding him 6ish 3/4" dubias a day, dusted with calcium (no D3) and then the usual vitamins and reptivite w/D3 every two weeks, alternating. I've posted my husbandry in the past and it's been given a thumbs up. The only thing I needed to upgrade was the cage, and after waiting a while and giving up on waiting for drainage trays, I've ordered a Dragon Strand hybrid cage without the tray lol. I'm happy to deal with that setup over the too-small cage I have now. So that should be here soon!

I know that as he's now reaching adulthood I can start cutting back on his food. I think he's FINALLY hitting his proper size (AND his colors are finally coming in!) as of the last couple months too which is a relief since he was too tiny for quite a while, and had been confirmed for parasites. His fecals came back clean after treatment at about 4mos old. - He's also doing way more exploring. So am I just feeding him too much? Most pictures I see that people post of their chams' poops are a urate and like 1-2 turds.

Overall I want to make sure I'm not missing something I should be concerned about. Thanks!


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