how much $ for crickets?


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just wondering how much people pay for their crickets. I pay $10.00 for 100 crickets. Just wanted some quotes. Another place sells them for $5.00 a dozen, very extreme if u ask me.
6 Bucks for 35 of em here, cant find any better deals on the island. I have seen 2 stores here so far that sell 3.50 for a dozen.
If you order them from they are 10 bucks for 1000 plus shipping...during extreme months they only do 1 day shipping...but during mild temps they will do 2 day shipping and thats a lot less.

I recommend you see if there is a distributer in your town. Usually the companies that sell decent quality crickets have shipping costs that are close to the amount you spend on the crickets. On the other hand, there are some companies that you can spend $10-15 for a 1000 that include shipping, but you end up with a lot of dead or diseased crickets and many free spiders (you get what you pay for.)

If you can find a distributor in your town, you can pick them up without the fear of poor weather and not have to pay shipping costs. You can also inspect the quality of the crickets before you leave. I just picked up 1000 1/2" crickets for $14 and had virtually no dead loss. (Cawtawba Cricket Ranch-Charlotte, NC)

Frankly, keeping crickets clean, well fed and watered is not my favorite part of cham husbandry. Out of all the bugs that I keep (roaches, mealworms, superworms, silkworms, etc) I find crickets to be the noisiest, smelliest, and the most willing to escape. I think all of us that keep large numbers of crickets have spilled an entire container of crickets at one point or another...:(

I guess my point is that getting crickets from a pet store may be more expensive ($.08-$.12 each:eek: ) but they do provide a service. You don't have to store large numbers at your house. You don't have hundreds of crickets go to waste if you use low numbers of insects. Many of the pet stores now use reasonable gut load and hydration cubes, so they are not the empty shells like you'd get at a tackle shop (and you will be gut loading anyway.) You can get the sizes you want and not worry about them growing too big. You don't have to wait for a shipment to arrive (if they keep a steady supply.) All in all, it might be cheaper for you to buy from the pet shop than to keep your own.

Like I said, though, I buy in bulk. I also have a cham, 2 crested geckos, and 2 leopard geckos. They like to eat. It benifits me to buy a 1000 at a time. (Usually I will have them mix 1/2" with adults, so they will last longer.) Anyway, if you do want some websites, here is a link-

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I purchase crickets in boxes of 2000 for the leaf chameleons. I get mine from The price is around $28.00, and the owner, Dan, guarantees that you will be satisfied. Last winter, he shipped an order three times because my mailman left the first two boxes in front of the garage in well below freezing weather instead of knocking on the door. Certainly not his error, but he covered it anyhow. Great company to deal with. I switched over to LLL briefly, and the second order I got from them was damaged in shipping and only about 30 crickets actually got delivered. When I contacted them, they had another box sent out but it was heavily short counted.. like, maybe 500 crickets in a box that should have had 2000. There is nothing I hate more than being shortcounted. 500 crickets last less than a week around here.

does anyone know where i can buy crickets in canada through a company that will ship?
just wondering how much people pay for their crickets. I pay $10.00 for 100 crickets. Just wanted some quotes. Another place sells them for $5.00 a dozen, very extreme if u ask me.

I am paying $10 per thousand from the cricket factory. You have to buy at least 5000 to get that price. I am a breeder so I go through that many crickets in a month. I have been using them now for 6 months and I have not had any problems.Their website is
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i buy my crickets buy the 1,000.. for $15.00.. what i recomend if you have the room.. is just an extra 50-100 adult crickets.. put them into a plastic tub with about 1 inch of potting soil.. the will do there thing and the femaled will lay their eggs in the soil.. each female cricket lays hundreds of eggs.... this is what i do.. saves money.. and you know your crickets are healthy and safe.. good luck..
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