How many silkworm eggs?


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So I'm thinking about sitting my roach bin to the side and let them be for a couple of months. Thinking about the staple foods being crickets and silkies for the time being. So I was wondering how many silkworm eggs to buy and general care if anyone can help.

I'm pretty sure that Admiral Ackbar is eating them. But I've never offered them to Freckles and I don't think he's previous owner offered them to him either.
In my experience, you cannot put eggs back into the refridgerator after they have been shipped to you, especially in these warm conditions. If they are a grey/blueish color (ready to hatch) as they should be, they will die when put back into the cold.

I ordered 250 eggs a while back and ended up with a whole lot of moths and new eggs at the end of the process. I haven't paid for new silkies or eggs since.
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