How Many Roaches?


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Hi Everybody,
I want to start feeding Spike roaches, specifically Dubia's. I understand they have more meat than crickets, so what would be the equivalent amount of say, a full grown cricket to an equal length-sized Dubia? And how often do you offer these? Can I totally replace the stinky crickets for the roaches?

Howdy Tom,

Pound-for-pound, crickets and dubia roaches aren't that much different although the dubia is still likely to be meatier. What is different is that a big chameleon can eat a big dubia roach of a size that could be equivalent to 3-4 crickets in total weight and nutritional value. Just make sure that you don't try to feed your chameleon a roach that is too big to safely swallow whole. Just before feeding-off some to my chameleons, I usually remove the 4 largest legs from dubias (of any size) and lobster roaches too. It makes them a bit slower so that if I drop one at feeding time, I still have a chance to run it down. It also makes them a bit safer for a chameleon to swallow. Even with just 2 legs, they still do a pretty good job of moving around on the chameleon enclosure screen. The legs on a large dubia aren't as spiky as a hisser but just in case...

Remember, they are real good at hiding in tight spaces and don't die nearly as easily as a cricket. I tend to feed them one at a time to my chemeleons, watching them eat each one.
I saw an escapee dubia run under fractal's things in my closet the other day. I'm pretty sure he's not the only one. Wish I had known your trick, Dave. What I do know is that they have big poo poo. Zzzzzzzzzzz I have some real reorganizing/cleaning to do.
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