How many owners have their chams seeing each other ?

All of mine have opaque dividers between cages. One cage is on the diagonal corner to the main rack of cages so if he wanted to one might be able to see one other from across the room, but it doesn't look like he really has since they both have well planted cages. Otherwise, no peeking.
Depending on the chams it can work as long as they can each stake out their own territories (multiple basking/UVB/feedings stations) and you have lots of plants so they are not always in sight of each other.
My boys have a divider between their cages, but their free ranges are just across the room from each other, they seem pretty used to each other. Although George frequently ends up in Rex's trees. They seem to be OK with it, but I do watch closely when George starts to wonder.

Here is one of the times we caught George invading.

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