How many do you have??

How many chameleons do you own?

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I started with 1 male Veiled. Then, i ended up with 2.2 Ambilobe, 2.0 Nosy be, 3.2 Veiled, 1.1 Jackson, 1.4 Bearded Pygmies. Now i have to cut down my collection (moving).............:D Chameleons are so addictive!!!! Is like a drug!!!
I have only 2 Veiled, :(but once i move i plan on getting a jacksons and a panther... and I may sound dumb here but what does this mean? 2.2 chameleons hahhaa:)
I don't think so if you sell them............if hatchling count i would have more than 100...LOL

2.2 means 2 male and 2 female
1 veiled for now but after college i know im getting another veiled and a nosey be. i love chams and yes they are very addictive!
They are terribly addictive. I started out geting my husband a Veiled as he had been hounding me for years. Then I got an Oustalet's,then a female Veiled, and 3 Pygmies on the way. I would love to get a Nosy be soon!
Yes the are very addictive, i currently have 1.0 Nosy be.....
1.1 Quadricornus........1.1 Ankaramy ...........1.1 Nosy Mitsio.......1.0 Yemen......... 0.1.0 Mellors............. A trio of Furcifer Lateralis major and at the wekend i am picking up a 1.1 Hoenelli and a 0.1 Oustalets, chams are a drug for sure :D
Yes keeping chameleons is like a crack habit:D
So easy to get hooked,and hook up with the dealers for you next score!!!

I have 1.1 Quadricornis,22 Panthers and am loaded with 40 odd babies:)

A proper victim to the chameleon pushers!!chameleon junkie:D
I NEED REHAB!!!:eek:
all i know is that one is all i can handle and afford right now, lol. but i would not give my one guy up for anything:D
I currently have 40 adult chameleons and enough eggs to make a nice giant omelet. Sorry ,I was hungry when I posted.
I wouldn't say addictive, but hey, addicts never admit that!

Ask my wife - she'll definatly agree that I waste too much time and money on these things.

I started wiht a pair of veileds a long time ago. Now I currently have:

2:1 adult veileds plus 15 2 month olds.
2.0 Adult Melleri, one is an actual C.B.B. (and hands down the best lizard you could own - pretty, huge, and downright friendly[and not just friendly for a chameleon - Ardi will come close to people just to be near people])
15 1 month old C.H. Melleri
2.2 LTC Deremensis.
Question still remains unanswered!!

Hi everybody,
All those that posted haven't responded back as to what the 2.2 etc. number in front of the Chameleon species that you list represent?? I'm confused with those numbers!

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