How many crickets!??


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:D He is a adult male Montium chameleon, I dont know how old exactly because I have owned him for only 3-4 monthes(also WC). He is 10 inches long(just measured).Tried wieghing him but I could only get a reading from 30 to 40 grams...he was moving and not so happy with my efforts I feed him MEDIUM crickets now and he isnt keeping a steady food schedule. I was also wondering when is the best time to feed him? How many crickets should my montium be eating in a day or an average in a week?? His lights are on 10am to 10pm and he stays pretty active. He now lives in a 8'h x6'w x3'd free range. I understand he might be still adjusting to his new environment but I see other peoples post saying they are feeding theirs 10+ a day and theirs is smaller than mine??? THANKS

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Try putting him on an every other day feeding schedule. I believe you will see a better prey response by going to that schedule. Also he prob wants some variety to his diet. Try adding blue bottle flies, horns, silks, roaches, supers to his diet. He's prob sick of cricks after eatting them every day for 4 months.
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