How many crickets should I feed my veiled chameleon + Advice on breeding crickets


I have had my baby veiled chameleon (not sure the age) for a week now, I have been feeding him 10 semi small crickets a day and Im not sure if that is the right amount. Also I would like some advice on crickets breeding.
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Sorry no advance on cricket breeding.
If you are not already feeding a diverse diet of insects you may want to consider adding more variety. Just like people chams like to have a variety and it healthy.


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Are all the crickets eaten? How fast is your Cham eating them? You can always give more and if they are not eaten you can remove what’s left. That’s how I feed my baby and he would eat about 15 or so a day.


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What are you feeding/gut loading the crickets with?
Variety is better than using one insect as a feeder...but crickets are easy to feed/gutload so they make a good staple.
I feed hatchlings as much as they can eat in a couple of minutes at each feeding. Of course it's important to dust the insects and feed them properly too.

Are you providing UVB? With which bulb specifically? What supplements are you using specifically and how often?
What's the basking temperature?
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