How long will this size last?


I am going to go ahead a build a cage.How long would a 36tallx30widex18 deep last a panther cham. if he was around 3-4mnths when I got him?

I also wonder if i built it 48 high do they use the up and down space more then the side to side space.If the cage is placed high enough so he feels like he is up in the trees.?
For example a 48 inch placed on the ground would put the top of the cage at eye level but a 36 in high put up on a table would be seem up higher for the animal...Unless of course they do alot of traveling from top to bottom only or once at the top they tend to stay there and not use the full up and down space.
I would recommend a minimum of 48 inches tall for an adult male panther, 36 would work for a female but I prefer to keep mine in a 48. regardless of what size you go with the chams will be happier up high. I would recommend building a 48 and cup feeding, then you don't have to mess with two cages.
I agree.. go with 48. I have a 36 x18x18 and i can already tell i'm going to want a bigger cage when he is older. So if you're already making one, might as well save you so money and build it BIG so you dont have to spend the money for supplies twice.
I am going to go against what everyone else is saying here and I will tell you why. I bought my chameleon from Kammerflage Kreations who happens to be one of our site sponsors and a very reputable breeder. When I bought my cham from them I also decided to get my set up from them. They keep all their adult chameleons in the exact size that you have. That is what I keep mine in. Their theory is they have a little more room to cruise back and forth. As far as them being high up, that is very true, so you just raise your cage up higher on a desk, table whatever. The 24 X 24 X48 is what most members use and they are great too. I am just telling you, you can keep him in their as an adult and not have to buy another cage. I will say however, I do have a large outdoor cage that my chameleon lives in and a free range area. If the 36 X 30 X18 was all I had I probably would have gone to something bigger just because I would like him to have more room. I am just saying you can raise a healthy chameleon in the size cage you have if you choose to!!!!!
I appreciate the responses.. Do they actually use the up and down space or do they just climb to the highest point and stay there regardless of whether its 6ft high or 4ft high?
.Once up at the top if the cage is only 24 inches square that isnt much room to climb from side to side(but maybe they dont move around much)..Wouldnt a cage that is wider and up high be better then a tall skinny cage?
If I had the money I'd buy or make the biggest cage possible, wide and high. My Panther is currently in a 90cm x 45cm x 60cmtall. He seems happy enough at 4 months old but i will change to a 90cm tall terrarium next year when he is adult and my girlfriend has forgotten how much this set up cost.
Joann My chameleon climbs from side to side,back and forth way more than up and down. If you are going to build something I would make it tall but also very wide. I have a great outdoor cage and it is like 60high by 54 wide. I do not find my chameleon climbing down to the bottom much at all in that. He likes to climb on the horizontal branches way more than the vertical ones. That may just be my chamleon though. Here is a pic of the cage. I have since changed out the branches and as I said I have way more horizontal ones than vertical.
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That is an awesome cage.I actually was hoping to buy one of those big reptariums for the front porch.But I have yet to find out if the weather here is good enough in summer to do that.
Does it stress them to be moved in and out on a daily basis?

Okay so what about 48 tall by 30 wide by 18 deep.Its the exact same square inches as a 24x24 but longer and less wide.
How does one find plants that are 48 inches tall to fill up the cage?
I will probably use a ficus but in order to have more humidity real plants are needed right? do you hang plants like pothos in it from the top of the cage?
Mine does not get stressed at all. As a matter of fact he knows when I open the cage door he is going either outside to the cage for some sun or outside on my patio where he climbs around so he just comes right out on my hand .
Hi there this is my first time posting here and Im looking into purchasing my first panther chameleon in the coming weeks from a ny reptile show from What I want to know is why cant a baby cammy be kept in a 24x24x48 cage as opposed to setup kit they sell on thier site which measures 20"x18"x12".

Also what are your opinions on an all glass habitat, such as an exo terra Large X-Tall Natural Terrarium (PT2609). I was just thinking that it would be easier to control the heating/humidity in a glass tank opposed to a screen tank. Or maybe going with a custom made wooden tank with glass doors and screen top/sides and wood rear wall and pull out bottom tray? Please any info or opinions on this would be greatly appreciated. thank you. p.s. any SFN members here?
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