How long should I leave my fogger on?


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I have a humidifier that I have set on a timer and Adjust the timer to make sure my humidity levels stay up. I go with the level of humidity rather than time it’s on. I’m a newbie so can’t really say much but from the advice I’ve been given here that’s what I’ve done and my panther seems to be doing well.


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all night long if your temperature get cold during the night, close your fogger during the day.. in real world.. there is no fog and sun at the same time day fog=RI ;) if you turn on you fogger during the night your chameleon will absorb water.
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I was told not to use them. Because of cleaness. You have to sanitize them all the time. Well the tubing and stuff but in my house and cham habitat stays around 60%. Is that good enough. Thats what i was told.
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