How long in the shower is too long?


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I was just wondering if there was a time that is considered "too much" for you cham to be in the shower. I usually movem y cage into the bathroom, shower then put the cham in the shower so he is in the humidity/warm water for a good 45 minutes. Is that too much? He seems to love it he colors right up and runs around his cage drinking and everything.

just looking for opinions
I haven't put F in the shower now for sometime. I would take him out when he had lost interest in drinking, usually about 10 to 15 minutes.
I have always wanted to try this but truthfully i am scared. Im not sure how they will react. Is it best to put entire cage or just a plant? Can some people give me some ideas on how tbey do it? Thanks
I do my entire cage. That way if he wants to run and hide he cant get anywhere but his cage. (like try and climb up a tile wall or something) ive dont it both ways but always had the best results with the cage in the shower too)
I have a 4' Ficus that I put Samson in and then into the shower. He loves it, I can tell when he has had enough because he gets very restless and starts trying to climb up the wall and off his plant.
I shower mine while their cages are being cleaned. It takes about 10-15 min to clean a cage. So mine get about a 10-15 min misting. I hope that cage was cleaned before puttin it in your shower.
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