How long for digging?


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My female veiled Cham, Yoko, started digging yesterday to lay her first clutch. She made a tunnel yesterday and then seemed to abandon it and walked around her cage the rest of the day. I re moisted the soil and this morning she began digging again. It’s now 8pm so she has been under all day, I hear her moving around. How long does it take? Can she be hurt or suffacted under the soil? Just getting a little worried about my gal, this is our first time.

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She is making sure it’s the right temp, moisture, and depth to house her babies. This is her labor period just like humans it doesn’t take 20 min for the baby to just pop out.


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Privacy is the key now. She'll do her thing at her own pace. Just make sure the soil stays moist enough to hold shape. Try not to disturb too much.


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I recommend putting a blanket or something over the cage because if she sees you watching her while digging she will abandon that spot and start somewhere else
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