how good are rep pro supplements?


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i bought them with my cham cause that's all they had there, searched them on google and found nothing about the brand no website or profile whatsoever.

says made in china (good/bad sign?)

products are rep pro calci-max and vita-max
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Rep Pro is a newer company. No one will be able to give you long term analysis of what they are offering. I have been meaning to look more into their Mercury Vapor bulbs.
I cant comment on this brand,because I have never used them, but I have used Rep Cal exclusively and I wouldnt switch to anything else...
I supply 3 items that I also use myself:

Miner-All I
Miner-All O
Rep Cal Herptivite

In addition, I have recently begun using Reptivite very sparingly.
Should I play it safe and use something thats tried tested and true? I'm not liking the idea of mine being a guinny pig for new products... How do you know of their bulbs?? I couldn't find a word about them online
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