How far will a Mistking system run? (in distance)


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I am looking to get a mistking system for the setups I have in the outhouse.
I currently own the basic Mistking pump on my indoor setups and it struggles to run 8 nozzles so im wondering whether to either:

Buy another mistking.


Upgrade the 1 I have to either the next model up (can run 20 nozzles) or the Ultimate (can run 75 nozzles) And sell my standard pump.

to do the second option would mean running tubing around 30 foot to the out building. Would either of these 2 pumps cope with running in total around 16 nozzles plus the distance?
I highly doubt it, it needs to build up alot of pressure to run that far and that many nozzles. The less nozzles you have the better the misting, more you add on, the more it gets like a tiny squirt gun (or like a habimister, they just squirt and struggle at that). I had a habamister, and returned it when I tried it out in the sink, it was as if I had a spray bottle with the nozzle almost all the way open. I got a monsoon rs400 and can do up to I think eight nozzles, but every nozzle reduces quality of misting. The misting will eventually start to turn to spray, not the fine mist. I'm not sure how big the pump is on the mist kings, but 30 ft to the building, that will take a while to just get the water there as well as the pressure up to move it every time. I'd say get a separate one for the outhouse.
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