How early is too early for an adult cage?


My female nosybe is still really small. She is about to be 5 months soon. And I've read that's when they need a laying bin. (I still think she is months away) but ill make one just in case.

This in her small cage will look cheesy. I like to make my enclosures look really nice and natural.

I am thinking about building a custom set up with a diver in the middle to seperate my male and female. But is it too early to do it for her? She will be in around a 2x2x4 minimum.

Also can you keep multiples females in the same cage? I know you can't for males.

The biggest thing about moving a cham to a bigger cage is ensuring they can catch their food...I don't have a female, so I'm not sure about the laying bin. And as far as housing them together, I wouldn't. Sometimes they will gang up on one another and the weaker one will end up dying.
It really is a about food. I have a 3 month old panther in an adult cage but he knows where to go for food.

If you can set up a feeding cup and teach her to use it, than you don't have to worry about her struggling to find or catch her prey.
I am kinda thinking that if she is hungry enough she will find the cup. Especially if I show it to her.

Is that nessassarly a true thought? Right. Is when I give her the small crickets. I put about 6 in a cup on the bottom of the cage, and let 6 go free. Usually there all gone by the time I get home.
as for multiple females in one cage- it should be fine so long as you start them all out together when they are young. Introducing a chameleon who is much older or a different species can stress any chameleon out. You just need to know your girls personality and get another one introduced right away, but do not stick them in the same cage when you get it- let them free range together for a few days to a week to see how they will re act to one another.
I just realized that my adult male cage is not 2x2x4. What the heck. Looks like I bought the wrong one for him. I got the one under it. so its 18x18x46.

So I just ordered a 2x2x4 and will make up a new cage for my male, and put the female in the males old cage. This will give me plenty of room to make her laying bin on the bottom.
It is not recommended to keep multiple chameleons in the same cage.

Even if you provide enough food, they can still get stressed and fight.

The cage would have to be super large.
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