How does he look?


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This is Allen and to me I feel like his eyes are sunken and he might be dehydrated. Let me know if I need to post more pics or if you think he is dehydrated. Thanks!


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He looks healthy, but maybe a little bit dehydrated. Just make sure he is drinking and mist the cage more.
I mist the cage every hour or hour and a half for like 20 seconds and I just put a little dripper on his cage so hopefully he will drink more.
Allen does look a bit dehydrated.
Some chams always need several minutes of misting before they will drink. You can also try the shower method to hydrate him quickly.
This is from the forum resources:
"Shower - Another method of providing water, especially to dehydrated chameleons, is by using a shower. Place a large plant in the tub, aim the shower head against the wall, and run the water so that only a fine mist reaches the chameleon. The water should be room temperature (not hot!). They may drink for up to 30 minutes. Make sure to supervise your chameleon at all times while using this method."

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