How do you open a cham's mouth?

Try LIGHLY tapping on the corners of its mouth with two fingers on one hand while holding the meds with the other hand...When he opens, hopefully, insert the goo!!!
My guy has daily medication - rather than stressing him out every day opening his mouth and stuff (mine REALLY doesnt like being handled) so inject it into a feeder - worms tend to be easiest - particularly ungutloaded wax worms or any other type of plump worm - butter worms work well - but unless its a tiny amount (I inject 0.05ml daily) silk worms go pop!
the vet showed me a "hold" basically, if you're having to do it by yourself, but to be honest, it "sounds" (and looks...when they do it...) easier than it is if you're concerned about holding them too hard or anything like that....

basically you hold the the cham with its side against your palm and gently grip with your forefinger and thumb directly behind the lip line (the jaw)....if you apply easy pressure on the jaws, it will open its mouth....

the vet also gave me a "tip" for the end of the syringe, if you're not needing to "inject" anything, just syringe into the mouth, that the cham can bite down keeps an opening open while the cham is biting so you can plunge a liquid into the mouth... don't know if you could ask for one if they didn't give it to's just a rubber piece....

hope this helps...not sure if that was a clear enough description for you of the grip... but i tried! lol.
Rub the sides of the mouth, usually they open them, or if worse comes to worse, slide a playing card or something similar into the mouth, and they usually open it. Well...this is what I do for my geckos anyway.
If you get the chameleon drinking while its mouth is opening and shutting to drink the water, stick the end of the (needleless) syringe into its mouth and ease the medication in. This IMHO is one of the stress-free ways to get it in.

You can also ease the meds in the space between its lips and teeth slowly so it won't just drip back out again and it will usually start swallowing it.
Also, dont squirt it too hard - you want it go to into its mouth, not its lungs. If you think theres a danger of you doing this - use a bigger syringe, so theres less distance for you to depress the plunger
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