How do you know if she's laid?

I have a female BB Ambilobe who's been peachy pink for over a month now and i was watching her stomach grow and seeing lumps in her side (presumably eggs). She's had a laying bin in there and just today as i checked i noticed a little hole down toward the middle of the laying bin. Could this possibly be a tunnel? =)

She still appears big, but not lumpy anymore. Is it possible she layed lastnight while i was sleeping? i've had her cage draped with a sheet so as to keep her "privacy". But how do i know if she's laid, and when to remove the bin to check for eggs?

Oh, and a piece of information, they're infertile.
Did she cover the tunnel. Chams will often dig test holes to find the "right spot". After they lay, most of the time they are noticeably thinner, so that would be a good indicator.
If she goes back up to the plants and remains there, you can check the nest box just before she goes to sleep for the night. You can also gently palpate her abdomin during this time as well.
it might just be a test hole in that case because she is still pretty big. And feeling her abdomin is pretty much outta the question, she's not the friendliest of chams. Her and my male are actually polar opposite, where when i feed my male, he will actually come to the opening and climb out onto my hand as i'm putting in feeders, yet the female will walk the opposite direction and puff up and hiss if i get too close to her.

Two totally different personalities, yet i love them both<3
Just wanted to say...don't let her see you watching her while she is digging...she will abandon the hole and if it happens often enough she could become eggbound.

As Lancecham said...check the container to see if she laid them when she is up in the branches.
yea i know, i have a sheet up so nobody can look in and she cannot look out, though if i nearly put my face to the sheet i can see through to see where she is, though she cannot see me. works great.

i'll have to check for eggs friday, that's my first and only day off this week =/
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