How do you know if she is OK?


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When we first got her in August '10, we thought our new Jackson's xanth female was just a bit stressed because she was seldom just solid green and was typically in what we thought was a stress pattern.
After a while, we began to suspect that she was gravid.
Now, it is rather obvious--and she has gone from 50 grams to 85 grams.
Over the past week, she began to eat less and has not eaten for the past 3 days.
Thanks to the forum, I learned that females sometimes stop eating up to 2 weeks before giving birth.

How can I be sure that she is OK and that nothing has gone wrong?

She isn't sleeping during the day, her urates are nice and white and prior to her "hunger strike" she was wandering her cage quite a bit (reminds me of human female restlessness just prior to giving birth.)

Here's the best picture I could manage without stressing her out....

Any suggestions for the best setup for the babies?
We have an Exo Terra terrarium, which has a vent in front and a screen top, but I'm afraid that it may not offer enough airflow.

Am I needlessly concerned?
Our lady Xanth lives in a screen cage with the sides draped in plastic drop cloth to ensure adequate humidity and airflow.

Yes, I'll be glad to search some more through past posts, but would greatly appreciate helpful responses from those who have been through this.

Well, today she decided to zap a superworm, so maybe she isn't quite ready.
I would be interested to know what typical pre-birth behaviors are for Jackson's.
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