How do screen cages work?


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Hey guys,

I have heard that a screen cage is better for cool, humid chameleons.

How is this so? as the humidity would leave the cage easily.

Also, the cham would feel every draft of air that goes by.

can anyone tell me how they use a screen cage to house a humid, cool type of cham, like a quad?


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well chameleons foremost need fresh air. they live in the tops of trees where there is always a fresh breeze. second, the humidity is high for a few reasons. the screen cage will hold in humidity better than a free range setup, not necessarily a glass enclosure. you'll need to have a mister and dripper. also helping are the basking bulbs and grow lights. the extra heat coming from these bulbs will evaporate the water left from the misters more quickly, also adding to the humidity

having a mister in a glass enclosure, in my experience, almost always guarantees mold growth. you can add a few computer fans to increase air flow and ventilation to prevent this, but this is really more of a frog setup or something that likes muggy/bog-like setups


I thought the same as you, but they really do hold humidity pretty well. I have a panther and a veiled now and both are doing well. Live plants help with humidity as the fake plastic/silk ones dry off real fast and don't hold the humidity as well.


i have changed one of the plants in my glass viv (changing to screen when old enough) to an umbrella plant and have noticed that it holds the water very well because of its waxy leaves. i hand spray at the mo because like you said the water build up is extremely high with a mister in glass vivs. the umbrella will hold the water for about 2 hours therefore slowing the humidity drop until the next spray.


Thanks for the feedback guys

Doesnt substrate fall out the bottom of a screen cage?

nearly everyone will tell you that you that substrate is not good as it causes impaction plus with mist screen cages i have been looking at from the US and UK appear to have a solid trey bottom to hold plant pots etc
Substrate is fine as long as it organic potting soil and a mixture of clean play sand. The sand helps the water drain- obviously you wil need a proper drainage system for this setup. The reptarium nylon mesh holds the humidity MUCH better. People complain about it having PVC for a frame but you can use anything as a frame and buy the mesh cover online for 50$ and under. The mesh can withstand 350 degrees and is much much finer than the aluminum mesh. It's also better for their nails. Aluminum mesh has been known to remove a chameleons nails and if they are an aggressive shedding Cham and rub in it, it will cause an abrasion.
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