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Enzo Veiled

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I have let Enzo free range once, and he climbed up a curtain!
Any tips on what I should do for him so he doesn't get away?
Should I get a big tree to let him go on?
He doesn't let me touch him, and he is not tamed yet, I have had him for about half a month. Please help!!!!! :D
I need all the advice I can get!
Enzo is my first chameleon, veiled, about 3 months old and has a temperament.
He is in an 18"x18"x36" cage.
Please help!!!!!


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You can get a big tree, but he will climb off of that too. You have to put some type of barrier around the bottom of the tree that will contain him. Also have something within that barrier that he can climb back onto to get back up the tree. You could use a stick or a small parrot ladder.
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