How do I guarantee my chameleon is getting enough water?

My Veiled chameleon is about a month old, he has access to a drip system and a water bowl, we also mist regularly. Me and my girlfriend, this being our first chameleon just want to guarantee he is healthy and well hydrated. Ive seen him lick/shoot? his tongue and drink water but im not there all the time to see if he does this regularly. I just want the best for him, any tips?


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Hi and welcome. The easiest way to determine if your cham is drinking enough is to look at the Urates...the white part of the poo. White to sometimes paler yellow is normal and hydrated. Btw, chameleons don’t drink from water bowls and the bowls can pose a health risk for them. They lap the drops off of leaves. :)


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Agree with @MissSkittles here: ditch the water bowls, and keep an eye on the urates. Up to 25% is within the realm of normal. Although some keepers say even more. What happens is that as the urates sit in the guts, the body takes water back out of them as needed. This causes them to turn orange. The body only does this if it needs water. This means that a lot of orange in the urates means the body’s water demands were high, and therefore not being met by the environment. Don’t stress. @MissSkittles, you still have the link for the CBP?
Just to add, I’ve had my cham Grumpy for going on 7 months now and in all of that time I’ve only seen her drink once! :wideyed: Some are very private about it.
Thank you guys @Kaizen both literally such a great help! Ill get rid of the bowl right now. Ive heard about the white poos before and his are white so thats good, i was just concerned because i never saw him drink much, but once in 7 months gives me lots of relief!
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